Welcome to the Podcasts of the “Jesus : The Promised Messiah of Judaism” Show on Radio Maria

For the past several years, I have had a weekly one-hour live radio show on Radio Maria, during which I discuss topics around the relationship between Judaism and the Catholic Church, and as well as having Jewish-to-Catholic converts on to tell their witness testimonies.  Originally called “Salvation is from the Jews”, the show is now titles “Jesus: The Promised Messiah of Judaism.”

The shows are archived on the Radio Maria website, radiomaria.us, on my website salvationisfromthejews.com , they are posted on my youtube channel, and now I am introducing this podcast blog, as well, in order to make the shows available on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy them, subscribe, and listen to the show live, Saturdays 3-4pm EST, and call-in to the show, too!

Thanks,  Roy Schoeman