March 7, 2022 — More on Russia/Ukraine Situation

Immediately below is the recorded “dLive” presentation. Then there is AB Vigano’s letter about the situation (in full), and then links to supporting documentation.

The Zelensky Government was installed by the US State Dept and CIA in 2014
US trying to expand war in Ukraine to Poland

How the Ukraine is a huge source of kickbacks to US politicians
Ukraine has many US Bio Weapons Labs
Russian Airstrikes Targeted US Bio Weapons Labs in Ukraine

Presence of US Biological Warfare Labs in Ukraine Officially Acknowledged by US Goverment
More “documents” supposedly proving US Bio Weapons Labs in Ukraine
Ukraine pro-LBGTQ, Russia anti-LBGTQ
Ukraine pro-LBGTQ, Russia anti-LBGTQ
Ukraine pro-LBGTQ, Russia anti-LBGTQ
Ukraine pro-LBGTQ, Russia anti-LBGTQ

March 1-5, 2022 — Background for Understanding Russia/Ukraine Invasion — More links added since Mar 1 “dLive”

Above is the one-hour dLive show of Roy presenting this material, recorded March 1, 2022
Unusually Sensible Analysis of RussianTactics/Strategy
If Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Trudeau, the WEF and Klaus Schwab, the mainstream media, are all unanimous, you know the truth must be the opposite.
The Russian attack was engineered on purpose by the US and the c-a-b-a-l.
This is Putin on February 24 explaining why the invasion took place
Full Text of Above Speech
In the 1st wave of Russian attack many of the US Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine were hit.
Recorded evidence that the Zelensky Regime was installed in a US organized and funded coup.
US government website details the Bio Weapons Research done at US Lab in Georgia (next to Russia)
More information on the US Bioweapons Labs in the Ukraine
Evidence that Russian attacks targeted the US Bioweapons Labs
Entire Geopolitical equilibrium has been shattered .
Zelensky in Obscene Homosexual Dance Routine Mocking Ukrainian Patriotism — on TV in 1995

Evidence that the Biden Regime intentionally forced Putin to invade Ukraine
Data on the Economic and Strategic Importance of the Ukraine
Does not bode well for the US in future military encounters !
Comedy Show “Saturday Night Live” for 1st Time Ever Opens without a Comedy Routine to Show Solidarity
Governor of Virginia Visits Ukrainian Church to Show Solidarity — Sun. Feb. 27

January 26, 2022 — Post-Rosary dLive on AB Vigano’s Interview about the “Pandemic,” Great Reset, Infiltration of the Church, deep state, antichrist One-World Govt, etc.

Roy’s discussion of AB Vigano’s Interview

AB Vigano’s original interview on the Italian news site (in English)

Downloadable PDF of AB Vigano’s Interview:

Dec. 5, 2021 — Current Events as Spiritual Warfare (after Fr. Ripperger)

For this dLive show, I played a 9 minute clip of Fr. Ripperger’s account of satan, during an exorcism, revealing that “He (God) is going to take my power away”, and how that relates to the current “pandemic”, “Great Reset”, etc. and Mary’s “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.”

Above: Roy’s after-Rosary dLive discussing Fr. Ripperger’s video which is below
This is the clip (above) I played of Fr. Ripperger (9 min) “My Time is Short (said by demon)”
This is the entire show on US Grace Force with Fr Ripperger (1 hour)