February 21, 2021 — After Rosary dLive Show on Deep State Role in 9-11

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No Boeing 757 Hit Pentagon:

Voice Morphing Technology in 1999:

More Recent Voice Morphing Technology:

Today Can Also Morph Fake Video of Speaker:

45 minute Video by “Pilots for 911 Truth”:

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Feb. 20 Radio Maria Witness Testimony of David the Hermit

David’s Prayer of Repentence

David’s Prayer of Thankfulness to the LORD

February 16, 2021 dLive Show and dLive Show Notes

Feb. 16 dLive Show on Rumble — Click Here (65 minutes)

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Deep State Actions:

JFK 1963

RFK 1968

Reagan/GWBush/Hinckley 1981

WTC G Bush 2001

Sandy Hook 2012

Boston Marathon 2013

Orlando 2016

Las Vegas 2017

Parkland FL 2018

Harrison Deal and GBI Agent 2020

Nashville 2020

2 Capital Police Suicides 2021

Clips used on dLive Show:

Orlando Pulse Shooting:

Screenshot of mannikin from CNN:


Closeup of Mannikin:


Father of Omar Mateen a CIA Asset:


Orlando Pulse Shooting PSYOP – Omar Mateen’s G4S Connection to CrisisCast!

Sandy Hook



Bush Slip-up about Explosives in WTC

Deep State Control Clip

Other Repeat Phrases on News Shows:

Twin Towers Foreshadowing Clips:

Extra — February 15 interview with Roy for Dustin Quick podcast (1 hour)