November 22, 2021 — Lots of new data on Vax Effects

This is the 30 minute dLive show I did on the posts on this blog page.
This is the 30 minute dLive show I did on the posts on this blog page.

Chemnitz Medical Clinic Director Suicide (original BILD German article)

November 14, 2021 — Fr. Dolindo’s Prophecy

(Pictures of Fr. Dolindo are below the text)

God alone! (Dio solo)

It is I, Mary Immaculate, Mother of Mercy.

It is I who must lead you back to Jesus because the world is so far from Him and cannot find the way back, being so full of wretchedness! Only a great mercy can lift the world out the abyss into which it has fallen. Oh, my daughters,
[1] you do not consider what state the world is in and what souls have become! Do you not see that God is forgotten, that He is unknown, that the creature idolizes itself?…  Do you not see that the Church is languishing and that all her riches are buried, that her priests are inactive, are often bad, and are dissipating the Lord’s vineyard?

The world has become a field of death, no voice will awaken it unless a great mercy lifts it up. You, therefore, my daughters, must implore this mercy, addressing yourselves to me who am its Mother: “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope”.

What do you think mercy is? It is not merely indulgence but also a remedy, medicine, surgical operation.

The first form of mercy needed by this poor earth, and the Church first of all, is purification. Do not be frightened, do not fear, but it is necessary for a terrible hurricane to pass first over the Church and then the world!

The Church will almost seem abandoned and everywhere her ministers will desert her… even the churches will have to close! By his power the Lord will break all the bonds that now bind her [i.e. the Church] to the earth and paralyze her!

They have neglected the glory of God for human glory, for earthly prestige, for external pomp, and all this pomp will be swallowed up by a terrible, new persecution! Then we will see the value of human prerogatives and how it would have been better to lean on Jesus alone, who is the true life of the Church.

When you see the Pastors expelled from their seats and reduced to poor houses, when you see priests deprived of all their possessions, when you see external greatness abolished, say that the Kingdom of God is imminent! All this is mercy, not an ill!

Jesus wanted to reign by spreading His love and so often they have prevented Him from doing so. Therefore, he will disperse everything that is not his and will strike his ministers so that, deprived of all human support, they might live in Him alone and for Him!

This is the true mercy and I will not prevent what will seem to be a reversal but which is a great good, because I am the Mother of mercy!

The Lord will begin with His house and from there He will go on to the world…

Iniquity, having reached its apex, will fall apart and devour itself…

November 4, 2021 — More on Vaccine Lots, Vax Deaths and Kiddie Vax

Above is the dLive show from Nov 4. Below are the links I used.

Repeat from yesterday — horrifying ad aimed at kids:

November 3, 2021 — Vaccine Deaths by Lot, FDA Vaccine Approval for Children, and Vote Flipping (again)

Video of Roy’s dLive, discussing the items on today’s blog post:

WATCH the above Pfizer ad aimed at kids to sell the vaccine
Link to video of vote change below: