Dec. 29 — Material for After-Rosary Show

UPDATE: True the Vote Denies Ever Working with Pakistani IT Firm Kavtech

Foreign Election Interference #2: Dominion Sent Information Election Night To 5 Countries, Frankfurt Saw 30% Spike Election Night

“You Have a Rendezvous with Destiny, Mr. Vice President” – On January 6th Vice President Pence Will Choose the Direction of the World for Years to Come – Like Thomas Jefferson Did Centuries Ago

Effects on Male Fertility of Vaccine

BodyCam Footage of Nashville Police Preparing for “Bomb Blast” before it happens

From the video’s description: “This is one of the most damaging bodycam videos ever posted to the internet by one of the Nashville PD Officers regarding the Nashville Explosion…. It shows all the downtown streets were blocked off by several police cars. One officer says where should these people evacuate before the explosion. Officers walking the downtown sidewalks make a comment that the loud speaker announcement is spooky, but nobody goes looking for the source. One officer makes a comment that the building they are standing next to is the building that houses all the incoming hard lines for the entire southeast. Another officer makes a comment that makes sense, that’s why they put a bomb there. You can clearly see the RV is not parked anywhere near the ATT building. The officers then walk around the corner and get all the way back to their patrol car, then the explosion goes off. One witness says he saw a giant fireball on top of the ATT building, and the cop says I know, moves the guy along, and doesn’t take down his info as an eyewitness.

December 20, 2020 — Post-Rosary Show Material and Links


What’s going on with Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts — Soros Cheered him at Davos

Lim Wood Suggests Martial Law


Dan Scavino White House Deputy Chief of Staff Tweets Suggest Action Ready

Army Leaders Join Gen. Milley and Release Statement Saying There Is “No Role” for US Army in Martial Law in Determining Elections

One Strategy

Jerome Corsi Dec. 19 Show on Biden Transition Shut Down

Good Article on “Leverage” Operations


December 19, 2020 — Post-Rosary Show Discussion Links

Roy’s Post-Rosary Show Discussion will be at (click here)

UPDATE: Pentagon Halts Biden Transition Defense Briefings …Update: Statement from DOD – Mentions Christmas Break

REPORT: President Trump Met with Sidney Powell and General Flynn in Oval Office – Discussed Deploying Military, Naming Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud

DEVELOPING: Trump to Meet with Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller in the Oval Office at 3:30 PM

“Chief Justice John Roberts Is Corrupt and Should Resign Immediately” – Attorney Lin Wood GOES SCORCHED EARTH on SCOTUS Chief Justice

US Moves Against China and Supporters of the Illegitimate Maduro Regime’s Fraudulent Elections

OUTRAGEOUS: Supreme Court Is Purposefully Delaying and Slow Walking Sidney Powell Emergency Petitions – State Responses Not Due Till January 14

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Data Scientists Break Down Voter Fraud in Arizona and It’s Shocking – 790,000 Laundered Votes Injected Into the System (VIDEO)

WH Advisor: We Cannot Inaugurate An “Illegitimate” President

WATCH: Nurse Passes Out on Live Television After Taking Coronavirus Vaccine

Dr. Fauci admits PCR Covid-19 Positive Tests Meaningless


December 15, 2020 — Towards Trump Victory

What happens with “dueling electors”

EXCLUSIVE: Six Swing States (PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ and NV) and New Mexico Pick Slate of Electoral Delegates for President Trump and Joe Biden – Here’s What It Means

BREAKING: Arizona GOP Electors Join Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania in Casting Votes for President Donald Trump

One of Two Wisconsin Supreme Court Rulings Give President Trump the Win – May Be Enough Votes to Win the State

To No One’s Surprise – Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson Is A Product of a George Soros Secretary of State Program from 2010

“This Election Is the Climax of the Battle Between Freedom and Communism, Between Good and Evil” – Lin Wood Claims President Trump Is Going to Clean Things Up

US Military Ending Support for CIA Operations

US Battleships off East and West Coasts

Mike Adams Update on Situation

The Serbian / Soros / Petraeus / Iran / KKR Connection

The Lancet — PCR Covid-19 Test Meaningless

Inventor of PCR Test Debunking Dr Fauci