September 15, 2021 — Resources for Religious Exemption to “Vaccine” Requirement

Many of the links below are to pages which themselves have links to more resources:

Lifesitenews has several pages of material to help support a Catholic, or Christian, religious exemption to the requirement:

How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide

How to resist COVID jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide


Pentagon releases religious exemption guidelines for bypassing mandatory vaccine.

Sample Exemption letter from a law firm

An Ethics Assessment of COVID-19 Vaccine Programs (Lozier Institute)

Legal Dangers for Employers Requiring Vaccines (Kaiser Foundation)

Pentagon releases religious exemption guidelines for bypassing mandatory vaccine

Download Covid Vaccine Religious Exemption Documents Here (from Gab)

The National Catholic Bioethics Center has a resource site (link here), but it is pretty weak in its ethical objection to the “vaccine”, given the Bishops and Francis’ cooperation with the program (or pogrom?)

September 7, 2021 — Post-Rosary “dLive” Show — More on Plandemic, Vaccine, Other treatments, CDC, etc.

Despite the screenshot, the above video is actually Roy’s Entire dLive Show from Sept. 7, 2021 — 45 minutes.

Above is the full 14 minute segment on the Swine Flue (1976) fake pandemic and vaccine campaign. Here is a link to the article:

Above is a 6 minute extract of the show on the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Scam


Sept. 1, 2021 — AB Vigano Letter of August 28, “Deliver us from Evil”

The video from today’s dLive show :

Or the direct link to the show on Rumble:

Archbishop Vigano’s Letter:

Ann Barnhardt on the safety, and proper dosage, of Ivermectin:

In countries where Ivermectin is used against parasites, there is almost no Covid-19:

The key graph from the above article: