February 16, 2021 dLive Show and dLive Show Notes

Feb. 16 dLive Show on Rumble — Click Here (65 minutes)

or view on embedded player:

Deep State Actions:

JFK 1963

RFK 1968

Reagan/GWBush/Hinckley 1981

WTC G Bush 2001

Sandy Hook 2012

Boston Marathon 2013

Orlando 2016

Las Vegas 2017

Parkland FL 2018

Harrison Deal and GBI Agent 2020

Nashville 2020

2 Capital Police Suicides 2021

Clips used on dLive Show:

Orlando Pulse Shooting:

Screenshot of mannikin from CNN:


Closeup of Mannikin:


Father of Omar Mateen a CIA Asset:


Orlando Pulse Shooting PSYOP – Omar Mateen’s G4S Connection to CrisisCast!

Sandy Hook



Bush Slip-up about Explosives in WTC

Deep State Control Clip

Other Repeat Phrases on News Shows:

Twin Towers Foreshadowing Clips:

Extra — February 15 interview with Roy for Dustin Quick podcast (1 hour)

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